Meet Ralfie

Meet Ralfie

Have you seen me walk yet? Through the Gouda Cheese Experience? Maybe, maybe not. My name is Ralfie. In the Cheese Experience I try to become together with you a real cheese master. Together we will face this adventure and that is why I want to introduce myself and tell my history.

03 February 2020 - Geen categorie

Almost everyone has an idol, an example. Maybe an athlete, a family member or it can be anyone. I also have a great example. My idol is Ralph Toll from Gouda after whom I am named. Ralph has meant a lot for this experience. Years ago he was approached by the founders of the Gouda Cheese Experience to help them with the founding. He resolutely said yes and became one of the first to join the Experience. He helped to realize the dream for a Cheese Experience in Gouda.

Unfortunately, Ralph became seriously ill, so sick that he could never see the Experience in her glory of today. He had promised to do everything in his power to make the Gouda Cheese Experience a reality and he kept that promise until his very last day. Until he died he was busy discussing things, with the addition: “We are going to do it guys, we are going to do it”. He did this to ensure that the initiators were able to continue on the path as well as possible. He has come up with many parts and thanks to him, the municipality, province and companies have become enthusiastic about the Gouda Cheese Experience. The path that he created has lead to this Cheese Experience. I am so proud that I am named after him!

To ensure that Ralph can still walk around in this Cheese Experience, I was born. Thanks to his DNA, I also got the bright blue eyes that characterized him. I have been told that if you look closely in my eyes, you will see the same sparkle as he had when talking about the Gouda Cheese Experience. He secretly watches so that he will always be present in the Cheese Experience and can also become a great cheese master.