Gouda Cheese Experience!

Discover, feel, taste and experience everything about the world-famous Gouda cheese

From the spring of 2020
I will train you to become
a real Gouda cheese master.
spring 2020
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Experience the Gouda Cheese Experience

If you say Cheese, you say Gouda “Say Cheese Say Gouda” The whole world knows it, the whole world eats it. But do you also know the story of Gouda Cheese? This is your chance, experience Gouda Cheese in the one and only Gouda Cheese Experience. In our beautiful building in the heart of Gouda you will go on a unique and interactive journey through a golden yellow universe.

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Gouda Cheese Experience

Contact Lange Tiendeweg 78, Gouda
We were lucky enough to try on the beautiful Dutch outfits. The photo of our children is one of my favourites of our whole holiday.
Simone Wootton-Franssen on facebook

Peep inside

Step into a huge Gouda Cheese and experience an overwhelming show. Take the Milky Way and discover the Cow. Get started with discovery walls, virtual milking, turning cheeses and delve into the age-old art of negotiating by hand clapping. And of course: taste the one and only Gouda Cheese.


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